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Starfall Farm

Starfall Farm

by jkim10 on 5 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is my senior thesis- It's a sci-fi farm that collects and uses energy crops to sustain itself and thrive. Responsible for all assets and captured in Unreal Engine!

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This is the barn. Situated deep in the mountains nearby a city, this holds the central business of the entire farm.

A planetary ring decorates the sky and provides the farmer a nice view. Vertical windmills power the entire farm, along with the energy crop that is harvested.

Pathway from the porch of the farmer's house to his barn.

The farm is located right before the start of the mountain range.

A gas giant peers over through the mountain range.

A shot of the mountains framing the barn.

A distant city is nearby, giving the farmer a source of revenue to trade with with his harvested energy crop.

A closeup of the farmer's porch, where he works and lounges.

Shot of the two main farm structures- the farmer's house and barn.

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