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David Eisenstadt presents his Imaginagerie!

David Eisenstadt presents his Imaginagerie!

David Eisenstadt
by davideisenstadt on 9 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Welcome, one and all, to my Imaginagerie! Here you will find a menagerie of images, a collection of my imaginations made to transport you to places and feelings that are oh so familiar, and yet, wholly new. Here, you will look through what I see in my head and have been taught to create for the movies of the future!

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Princess and the Frog

Behold! The Princess and the Frog! Prior to this project I hadn't created much stylized work, so this was a welcome challenge. It was important to me that the final image instills a strong feeling, the same way the scene from the movie does. However, I didn't have the luxury of music or motion. That being said, I relied heavily on the soft shapes and colors, the implied motion of their poses, caught in the midst of dance,  and the way the light glowed. As soon as I looked at it and was certain that I felt love flowing from the image, I knew I had achieved a successful work of art.

 ZBrush - Maya - Nomad Sculpt - Substance Painter - Mari - Nuke - V-Ray  

concept image

The Fields

A summer evening in Italy, the air is warm, and the perfume of citrus is on the breeze... I hope you're able to be there the way I intended while creating The Fields. When I first had the chance to delve into Houdini, I finally had the opportunity to create this piece which I had been imagining for so long. It was a labor of love, given that I had never touched Houdini before this. That being said, I'm very proud of what I was able to create in a first attempt at such a complex beast of a software.

Houdini - Speedtree - Nuke - Maya - Substance Painter

Pin Up Mech

You should respect women... especially this one.  This is the Pin Up Mech, created after a concept by Krzysztof Maziarz. Never having attempted a hard surface model as ambitious as this, I was apprehensive, but after a long time working away at this lovely lady, my work paid off. A huge thank you to my dad, Todd Eisenstadt, for the musical composition!

Maya - ZBrush - XGen - Mari - Substance Painter - Nuke - After Effects

concept image

Peter Pan's London

You can fly, you can fly, you can fly! This piece was inspired by a shot from Disney's Peter Pan! For my first attempt at a real large digital matte painting, I wanted to challenge myself to make something massive. I had created environments before, but never to this scale. I traced a map of London to create a semi-accurate representation of The River Thames and the area surrounding Tower Bridge, all while trying to stay true to the concept. 

Clarisse - Maya - Photoshop - Nuke

concept image, courtesy of Rob Richards' Animation Backgrounds Blog

The Classic White Tiffany Coupe

No good hard surface modeler gets away with not making a radical car, myself included, so a radical car I made. My Papa Thomas had a classic white tiffany coupe with a built-in handset and horns that played the theme from The Godfather, so it seemed like the obvious choice.  We couldn't buy it from him because it was too long to fit into our garage... so if you can't have something, the natural next step is to model it, right?

Maya - Nuke - V-Ray - After Effects

real life reference

Beauty and the Bee

Swathed in honey-light, the dancers swing, and the singers swoon. I wanted to create a place that would ooh and awe whomever steps within it. With that in mind, I made sure the first shot was a grand reveal that displayed the grand magnitude of the architecture and décor. While it isn't thoroughly seen in the video, there are many bee motifs throughout the ballroom, including metal relief sculptures in the facades, bee insignias on the plates, tablecloths, and chairs, as well as lots of honeycomb shaped elements. Originally, I wanted to have human-sized bees in suits dancing to a waltz, but sometimes ideas fall through the cracks. Music credit: Flight of the Bumblebee - arranged and performed by Uncle & the Bacon.

Maya - ZBrush - Substance Painter - Substance Designer - Unreal Engine - Nuke - After Effects

Beauty and the Bee Noir

I loved the values so much, it was practically begging to be seen in noir.

Missus H's Haberdashery Nursery

My first project in Unreal Engine 4! Welcome to Missus H’s Haberdashery Nursery, a hat shop that has been overrun by plants. Rather than close up shop, Missus H, the shopkeeper, expanded her business to being a Plant Nursery, too! Most of the assets are made by myself, but the plants, statues, cash register, and little wooden drawers are all Megascans.

Unreal Engine - Speedtree - Nuke - Megascans - ZBrush - Substance Painter - Photoshop - After Effects

Curiosity House

Curiosity House, a magical place derived entirely from my own imagination. With upside down doors, two-cent farthings, tea cup lamps, flipped floors, tons of top hats, and a piano that I spent far too long creating that you cannot see at all upon the roof, it is truly a curious place. In retrospect, creating lots of really high resolution and complex textures only to be a wide shot of a building was probably not my wisest creative decision... live and learn, I suppose!

Maya - Nuke - V-Ray - Photoshop - Substance Painter

A dedication to all of my mentors

Without the incredible tutelage of my many mentors, I have no idea where I would be. They have guided me so far in such a short amount of time. Without further ado, I'd like to thank the following spectacular artists: Yinglei Yang, David Stripinis, Jay Machado, Anton Napierala, Stephen McClure, and Ryan Prestridge. In addition, I would be remiss to not specifically thank my two exceptional mentors, artists that have been helping me improve for over two years now, and such talented people that I consider friends, Tran Ma and Miguel Ortega. You two have taught me more than I ever thought was possible-- I cannot express my gratitude enough. 

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