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Rebelle - Stylized environment breakdown

Rebelle - Stylized environment breakdown

by HasanSarlli on 6 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A breakdown of a stylized environment I've worked on alongside a small animation I've created using some of the assets from that project.

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‘Hey people! This is the first time I’ll be entering the rookie awards and I’m excited to show you a rather large project I’ve been working on lately. It’s called Rebelle and it's a game about the world of fairy tales in which a spilled pot of ink spreads darkness within the book the characters live in. I was the sole 3D artist on this project and had the chance to work with some very talented fellow students!’


Rebelle is an art heavy student project I worked on with a group of fellow students. My task during this project was to create, animate and implement all of our 3D assets within Unity (alongside helping the other artists to implement their work so we could use it in the creation of our game scenes). I was also in charge of creating the main menu scene and helping the concept artists achieve the composition they wanted to create for our combat scene.


Another example of my tasks outside of creating assets would be that I created the animation sequences from individual animations ensuring that the VFX and animations would play at the appropriate times and even implementing my own simple additions like character flashes and shakes to increase the impact of attacks during these animation sequences.

This project was also the first time I had been tasked with creating a background rather than having my art be at the forefront of a project, which has been a very unique and somewhat humbling experience for me.


While I want to primarily showcase my own assets for this submission, I’ll also be showing the final project which includes the work created by my team members. Because of that I want to credit them where I can as not all of them will be joining the Rookie Awards. I’d check them out if you have the time. They are all amazing within their respective fields as creators and I’ve been lucky to have worked with them!

Tim van Galen: Art Lead
Jewelle Semple: Concept Artist
Frans van Swam: Creative director
Cindy van Minnen: UI Artist
Luuk van Leeuwen: VFX / Animation
Chris Conquet: Programming / Git management
Nino Saglia: Audio design
Hasan Sarlli: 3D Art / 3D Animation (me)

The 3D assets at the front were created by me, the 2D cut-outs behind them were created by our 2D artists.

The progression of our environment during the project. The composition and layout was created by our concept artists. I helped them achieve it within Unity by supporting them with various prefabs, assets and shaders. They handled most of the asset placement towards the end (freeing me up to work on my 3D assets, animations and the main menu).


During my time working on Rebelle I got the chance to look at how VFX is really made. It made me want to experiment with it during my spare time. So after we finished working on our project I took some time to work on a small animation using some of the assets I had already created during Rebelle. During this small project I really wanted to focus on creating a fluid animation with some VFX to enhance it.

This rookies competition was my first turn, I'm looking forward to what everyone else comes up with!

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