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2021-2022 Animations

2021-2022 Animations

Kristen Kortright
by KristenKortright on 4 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is my most recent demo reel along with some of the animations featured in the reel.

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This is my animation demo reel featuring my 2d frame by frame animations from 2021-2022. Most of the animations were created using Toon Boom Harmony, but the Basketball Rotoscope animation was created using Photoshop, and the animated comic book was created with Clip Studio Paint. 

In this animation, I focused on using the environment to show the emotions of the character. It was created using frame by frame animation. To animate the weather effects, I used straight ahead animation for the rain drops and a strobing effect for the lighting, also focusing on how the lightning lights up the character and the room around her. 

- Year: Winter 2021

- Program: Toon Boom Harmony

This is a 2d frame by frame animation I created in order to focus on the movement of the character's hair as it reacts to the underwater environment. The character is Water Woman from the Black Shadow graphic novel and comic book series. The character was animated on 2s. The hair was animated straight ahead on 1s to give it a natural, flowing effect. The school of fish, which further adds to the underwater environment, was inspired by an exercise from 2d animator Howard Wimshurt's course, Mastering Motion.

- Year: Winter 2022

- Program: Toon Boom Harmony

The goal of this project from my Animation II class was to create a character based on two or more animals. For this character, I combined a rain frog with a puffer fish to design a creature called a puffrog. The texture from the rain frog’s skin as well as the spikes of a puffer fish can both be seen on the character. I added antennas to make a more interesting silhouette. The character was then used in a short animation. 

- Year: Fall 2021

- Program: Toon Boom Harmony

I created the character sheet in Photoshop and the backgrounds for the animation in Procreate.

This is an animated comic book created in Clip Studio Paint. The book tells the story of a girl who is rejected by a society of water-powered people because she can create fire. I turned the comic into an animated flip book to allow viewers to turn the pages and give them a more immersive experience.

- Year: Spring 2022

- Program: Clip Studio Paint

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