A Collection of Chaos

A Collection of Chaos

Regin Wellander
by ReginWellander on 18 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

It has been a busy year and my first year at New3dge Concept Art has really paid off. Last time I entered The Rookies I showed mostly work done for my own projects, but now it is a lot more focused on the work I've done in school.

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Most of the work you'll see below was made during the courses of my first year at New3dge Concept Art. Other than those projects you'll see plenty of miscellaneous art as well, you're in for a ride!

Fun fact: In my class we decided to do a secret Santa challenge where we had to paint each other over Christmas break and it was a ton of fun seeing how everyone interpreted the classmate they got assigned to. The colorful lad to the right is one of my dear friends and also the victim of my art.

This project started with a character design assignment we had at New3dge Concept Art and then I continued the world building later during another course.

                                  - Keyframes for WIREN - 

It is with these last two illustrations for my personal project WYRDHEIM that I finish off my entry.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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