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Mini Golf RPG (MGRPG)

Mini Golf RPG (MGRPG)

by teebqne on 5 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Fight dangerous monsters in an epic turn-based RPG - one golf stroke at a time. Explore an RPG dungeon like never before by golfing your team to victory. Encounter themed enemies after every shot and stronger bosses after completing a hole.

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Game Description

Fight your way through a fantasy RPG - one golf stroke at a time. After every shot, you will face a swarm of monsters you must defeat to progress. Powerful minibosses will challenge you each time you finish a hole, while even more dangerous bosses await you at each course's 9th and 18th holes.

Defeat monsters to collect hundreds of unique items, gain gold to purchase upgrades, and gain XP to level up. Befriend and fight alongside a party of caddies to improve your odds of victory.

Unlock various gameplay modes as you progress through each course. These include starting from the Back 9, just playing golf, just fighting monsters, and even experiencing new challenges in each course's hardcore variant.

Do you have what it takes to eradicate the darkness that plagues each course? Can you restore peace to the mini-golf world?

How To Play

MGRPG combines turn-based combat with mini-golfing to create an entirely new gameplay experience. Fully automate combat if you wish to focus on golfing, or control your team directly if you prefer to strategize. To golf, drag the screen to move the camera, and pull back on the virtual joystick to increase or decrease your shot's power. When you are ready, release the joystick to launch your ball forward. If you ever find yourself lost, you can speak with your friend Alba Trosse in town to view various tutorials, including ones for the game's more complex systems and mechanics.

Project Overview

Our team began developing MGRPG in May 2020. We released it for iOS and Android devices in January of this year, and we have continued updating it since then. Our team consists of four members: a programmer, an artist, a designer, and a musician. MGRPG was developed in Unity.

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Use the code MGRPG when speaking to Duffy in town for some free rewards!

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