Motion Graphics Portfolio - from Catbob

Motion Graphics Portfolio - from Catbob

by catbob on 30 Apr 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is my current portfolio! It has projects from 2019 till 2022! Just works that I have during the in school and my own freetime. Thanks for stopping by! NONE OF THESE ARE PROFFESIONAL WORKS, just mockups!

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Showreel 2022

An introduction of my flow and style. A description that isn't written but illustrated in this short video.


[ Motion Design ] Title Sequence  - The Messiah (Netflix MOCKUP)

The series focuses on the modern world's reaction to a man who first appears in the Middle East, whose followers claim him to be the eschatological return of ʿĪsā (Jesus in Arabic). His sudden appearance and apparent miracles spark a growing international following, casting doubts around who he really is, a case investigated by a CIA officer.

Upon watching the series, I found a way to create my own title sequence. The concept of the project is we are following the journey of the Protagonist, a CIA Officer, who is tracking the down so called 'Messiah'.

I’m Not Just a Girl [MTV Women’s Day Mockup]

A mockup promotional video for Women’s Day under MTV brand.

The message was to empower women and giving them their deserved recognition.

We use two female figures, from different backgrounds, to show their strengths on how they brought up themselves as strong women.

History of the Gan Clan Association

The idea is to convey the message of the importance of conserving historical buildings in Singapore. It is to attract and educate younger viewers. The main strategy of this video is to hook them by clearing up a misconceptions amongst clans, and then educating them about why is it important to have a physical embodiment of history. Hence the Gan Clan Association Building. 



Playing with shapes and syncing it with music to create a mesmerizing experience!

Say Yeah

Kinetic typography, with a modern and trendy look!

Clock Ticks to 2021

Damn, don't you feel that 2020 went by way too fast like it never happened? Yeah that's what inspired me to create this piece where I dabble in to some 3D.

Using simple models of cogs to signify the gears of time. The pacing of the video is fast and chaotic much like how 2020 was.

Thank You

Thanks for reaching this far into my portfolio! Hope it was great for you and I'll be glad to know if you are impressed, so do add a comment down below and support me!

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