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Stylized Harbour House

Stylized Harbour House

Marios Konomis
by marioskon on 29 Apr 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is a personal project that I've been working on in my spare time. Had a lot of fun exploring the possibilities of trim sheets and modular assets. Got the initial inspiration from the wonderful concept by Elena Marin Serna (Neirelle)

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This Project was a lot of fun because I got to learn a lot of new techniques. I really liked Neirelle's concept Art and the first time I saw it I wanted to give it a try and make it in 3D. I wanted to elaborate on her Idea a bit more and give more information in the general spirit of her concept Art. So I tried to recreate it in order to change it from a top/down into a first/third person perspective. I would love some day to create more buildings in the same style and make a small village, I think it would look very cool! But for now this is the stylized harbour house, enjoy!

Let's talk a little about the general workflow of the project!

For the environment in general I used the stylized forest from the unreal marketplace due to time constraints and created the river using the water plugin in unreal engine.

Using trim sheets enabled me to have freedom in geometry ideas without committing to single objects. I created a single trim sheet (is more a mix of trim sheet and atlas texture) and made all the wood parts using it. In the unreal engine creating a vertex painting shader gave me the ability to have variety among all the wood parts.

Preserving the general vibe of the concept was essential to me, and because I was going to do changes, I needed a workflow that would enable me to try different ideas fast and not destructively. So I went with the modular approach. I created the basic geometry with trim sheets and tileable textures, so if I wanted to change or move a building component I could do it directly to unreal with its final texturing and shading ready.

I also made some props that would give life to the scene. It was fun also decorating the scene with the procedural rope tool I made, it was the first time using the spline tool in this way!

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