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by PanagiotisTsonos on 28 Apr 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

In this render we are witnessing "ROBOT FUGITIVE" hiding from his rival in a dark alleway forgotten by the vastly improved city.

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This entry showcases a cyberpunk/post-apocalyptic dark alleyway, depicting a robot hiding from its wicked rival.

For the characters, I combined plenty of designs and colors by starting with dark and bland textures and then adding more light ones in order to make them blend better with the enviroment. My main inspirations were “Iron giant”, “Mobile Suit Gundam” and ‘Blade Runner”

For the enviroment , I used refrences from dark alleyways cause they always fascinated me and I took elements from cyberpunk aesthetics and combined them together which resulted in this post apocalyptic/futuristic yet grimey scenery.

The making of this project has been great fun all throughout the creative process. Even though it was my first one, the main goal, which was for the concept art to give off a sense of alarm, has been accomplished.

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