FX Reel

FX Reel

Marc EspĂ rrech
by marcesparrech on 28 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Here's various projects I made during my first year using SideFx Houdini at University. Hope you enjoy it!

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This is my first PYRO project made in Houdini. 

As reference, I used the Silent Road Opening Titles video from vimeo. 


For this project I did six different simulations: 3 fire and smoke simulations and 3 smoke simulations. And then put them together in Nuke. 


Here's my Houdini Crowds project. A city invaded by zombies against a military resistance.


All the zombies and military are models and animations from Mixamo. I used those animations to create custom and more realistic transitions between animations. 

First of all, I scattered points along the terrain to instance the agents, painting the density that I wanted in certain areas and then deleting the points that were inside any building. After that, I used various curves to guide the direction of the zombies, so they can run through the city in the direction that I want. 

Then I created differents groups, dependig on the point position in the city, and did a little set up to transfer the normals to the points so the zombies would look at one specific direction while running. 

After I set up all the zombies, I did the same process with the military resistance. Painted the density where I wanted them to be positioned, scattered points and made them look at one specific direction. 

Then I set up all the animation, both the zombies and the military resistance, and did a custom transition between the zombie run animations and the zombie death animations. And then another custom transition for the military, from the idle animation to the crouch fire. 


One of my first RBD simulations. Made in Houdini and rendered in Mantra. 

I divided the simulation in three diferent simulations: the main body of the computer, the keyboard keys and the glass of the monitor; to have more control over each part. 

I modelled the whole scene in Maya and then exported it to Houdini to set the diferent fractures in the object. 


My grooming project! Made in Houdini. 

All the animations and the raccoon model were provided by the school (other students work). I did all the layout of the Quixel assets for the environment and compositing with Nuke; and also all the grooming of the raccoon. 

I started separating the raccoon in various groups according to the different type of fur that has and then started working with the guides and simulating the different parts that needed to be simulated. 

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