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Beth's Sky Garage

Beth's Sky Garage

Amit M
by mechloz on 25 Apr 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Excited to share this real-time environment I've made in Unreal Engine 4 as a part of my Advanced term @ Think Tank Online. It is based off of the amazing concept by Jasza Dobrzanski: Beth's Sky Garage.

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For this project we were given 16 weeks to complete the whole process: Block - Polished
It was challenging and intense but I really enjoyed it.
Falling in love with the concept definitely helped.


This part I enjoy the most - making props
Fortunately this scene is packed with different types of props/hero-props.
I spent a lot of time gathering references and trying to find the ones that would fit into the scene.

I've Used different techniques and workflows along the way.

Materials and shaders

My first time creating materials on substance designer and shaders in UE.

I was very lucky to have Johnny Malcolm as my supervisor that term; I was able to learn a lot from him about material and shader creation.



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