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Fly Agaric Thuriferar

Fly Agaric Thuriferar

Karis Lee
by squgily on 23 Apr 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is my final project from my course at Nanyang Polytechnic. We were given one semester to work on any project of our choice and I settled on a 3D recreation of this lovely concept by RINOTUNA: This is my best and most complex work to date.

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Final Work

Beauty Render



Character and props: 69.5k Tris

Including effects: 89.9k Tris

Close up Renders

Viewport (Blender)

She has a face under the mask!! I probably didn't need to model it but I did anyway. Her face was an unexpected challenge because of the slightly top-down camera angle - I needed to push the slope of her eyelid angle more than I thought I would.

As usual, all her topology is animation - ready and riggable. I am quite particular with loops and edge flows - my opinion is that good facial topology is one of the simple joys in life. 

Her hair groom was done with Blender's particle system. In my original outline for this project, I really wanted to use Maya's xGen and make the render in Vray. But my Vray license expired suddenly and I don't have money. Blender's hair system is, thankfully, robust enough that I was able to make use of a hair groom system like I planned. I hope to learn to use hair cards next time!

Smoke VFX 

The smoke was made using Blender’s volumetric texture rendering in Cycles.

I first created a "cage" for the smoke using curves in Blender, and giving it geometry. Then I used a few noise and musgrave textures to make the smoke pattern and plugged it into the shader's "Volume" input, with a transparent surface BSDF in the "Surface" input. The sparkles are geometric stars that I manually modeled and arranged. At first I wanted to be fancy and try using the particle system, but realised I wanted a little more precise control.

UV sets:

6 sets of 2k maps + 1 512px map for the chain links. 

2D Concept - RINOTUNA

Thank you to rinotuna for giving me permission to use their lovely work!!! 

Software used:

Modeling: Maya, Zbrush,  Blender

Texturing: Substance Painter, Blender

Render, FX and groom: Blender Cycles

Final comp: Blender, Photoshop

Special thanks to my teachers and friends for their help and advice! And Blender for being my emotional support software. I love you!!!!

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