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Project Digitalis

Project Digitalis

by AriesAnexian on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Project Digitalis is a game developed by Game Technology students in MAGES Institute of Excellence

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Digitalis is a top-down action adventure RPG that focuses on exploration, resource gathering and fighting monsters. Help Aries search for a compound called Crystillium ravaging the planet's inhabitants and collect them to save her planet. Meanwhile a mysterious shopkeeper aids in her adventures!

A group project of four Game Technology students from MAGES Institute of Excellence using the Unity Engine


● Explore the planet in search of Crystillium, defeat monsters and level up Aries
● Controlled by Keyboard and Mouse
● Level up by buying and drinking Stat Potions, be powered by economy!
● Cute Pixel-Art world with a Sci-Fi twist

Game Info

Team Members:

James Santiago - Project Leader
Foo Kai Qin - Asst. Leader
Edwin Ng - Lead Programmer
Eugene Fong - Level Designer/Tester


Lush Forest
Woodland Tundra
Fiery Desert
Crystillium Wasteland


WASD - Movement
LMB - Attack
RMB - Alt. Attack (If any)
1,2,3 - Use Consumables
E - Interact with items


Retro pixel landscapes - Perpetual Diversion
Pixel monsters Vol. 1
Pixel Items
2D Retro Heroes - SPUM
2D Monster Orc - SPUM
Pixel Arsenal

Medieval combat sound pack
User interface sound FX
Monsters2 the sequel
RPG sound effects bundle
MMO game magic fantasy icons
Retro SFX sound pack
Music - Juhani Junkala

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