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Haizea Silvestre - Environment and Prop Art 2022

Haizea Silvestre - Environment and Prop Art 2022

Haizea Silvestre
by HaizeaSilvestre on 22 Apr 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello, my name is Haizea Silvestre and I recently graduated with a Ba in video Games at the school Brassart in France. I am happy to show you a collection of my recent work (from late 2021 to now).

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The Garden

The first project I will present is the Garden, based on the awesome concept art of Ngan Pham.

It's introduced me to Unreal Engine. I have learned Unity during my school years, but I used UE during my final internship and it caught my attention so I wanted to give it a try more in depth.

The Process

I started with a quick blockout in blender, and I exported it in Unreal to check the proportion before going more in depth with the modeling.

After adjusting proportions until a satisfied look, I modeled the lowpoly version of each prop in Blender and unwrapped it.

Then I sculpted highpoly versions and added details in Zbrush, and baked everything in Substance Painter and did the textures.

Props Render in the Game Engine

Fisherman's axe

I wanted to practice my modeling skills so I wanted to focus in one prop, and practice with more complex shapes. So I chose this weapon because I really love this concept art from Elodie Mondoloni, and it was perfect for this exercise.

The Process

I did the modeling in Blender, my goal was to keep the topology clean and simple.

Then I did another version in Blender for the high Poly to fasten the process for Zbrush, because I am more comfortable with modeling software. 

Then I exported this version into Zbrush and sculpted all the details.

I baked and did the textures in substance Painter.

I did the final render with Marmoset toolbag 4. 

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