The Cakrass (3d Species model)

The Cakrass (3d Species model)

Anthony Caron
by LittleAnthonio on 20 Apr 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

My own species that i decided to make in 3d, this project is one of my best texture project I've made so far. I made this in around 1-3 week.

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The cakrass, a species created by myself in my universe call ''Be a mecano ultra''

''These 10ft tall Goliath are fearsome fighter for the other empire around them. they greatly have the firepower to crush anyone in their way.''

Initially the 3d model was made in goal to put in a short film or video, meaning that it is fully rig and ready to be use for other project that i have.

More point of view for the detail on the armors

Some artwork of the species before making it in 3d.

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