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3D Modeling

3D Modeling

Jonathan Teo Lik Hang
by jonathantlh on 18 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

3D Models done during the 1-year Visual Effects and Animation diploma at 3dsense Media School

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LookDev Character Production

At the beginning of the project, I started to sculpted the main shapes and proportion from a base mesh wtih T-pose and did blockout the armor. I have found various reference for the important part like face details, hair and armor. For the armor, I've did a lot of study from many different references based on ancient chinese warriors and did some combination from different armors design for my character. After all the blockout done, i had done the retopo for the armor and face to support good and detailed deformation and most of the armor i used zremesher to do the retopo and some used maya, for the faces i used zwrap to retopo it. I used marvelous designer to do the clothes, hat, ribbon and the flag. For the unwrapping, I used maya to do unwrap and UV layout, for the armor with simple shape I unwrap in maya and the armor with organic shape such like the dragon ornaments and clothes, i used the quick UV master tool to unwrap it with apply the polygroup on the mesh. The pose was using the tranpose master, but not too decent result so I also tweak it in maya and let it look more natural. Skin, face expression and hair was very important for this charater, to let it look more realistic, I had spent a lot of time on these to make it more realistic and natural. I textured it all in substance painter except the face and hand skins using xyz map in mari. At the render stage, I render the scene using arnold and I did some fire lighting to make the atmosphere match his pose and bring out the storytelling.

Hard Surface Production

This model was a concept by Alexey Pyatov, and it a mech from a game. At first, i wanted to do something challenging and i found this mech that i thinked was the most suitable for me so i decided to do this mech. I modelled the whole project in maya. I retopologized the model that would work for film production. I wanted to do it like its in a mecha garage, so i tried to do the lighting like surrounding the model and played with the intensity of the lights. I used the UDIM workflow for the texturing and baking by using substance painter. I wanted to do the secondary details just like the mech came back to the garage after a war, so i study a lot of reference to make the details logistic and was useful and make sense for the mech.

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