HardSurface | Texturing | Lookdev Reel 2022

HardSurface | Texturing | Lookdev Reel 2022

Clémence Debit
by clemence on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi! I am glad to share with you my entry for the Rookie Awards 2022. Hope you'll like it !

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During this year I was able to focus on hard surface modeling, but trying to keep a little organic side in some models.
It also allowed me to discover and learn procedural shading, with arnold and vray.

                          THE BIKE

Group project
Environment, lighting and compositing by Damien Figueiredo
Character by Chloé Stricher
Animation by Antoni Nicolai

For this group project I was in charge of the modeling and the texturing of the motorbike/ car/ helmet/ katana.

The main difficulty was the body of the bike, to make curves that work, I used Zbrush to have a good base, then I made a retopology in Maya.
And for the design I mixed different types of bikes like Yamaha and Suzuki.
For the texturing, I did for the majority of the parts proceduraly with vray, but I also used substance painter for some masks or for the wheels.

Software used: Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter
Rendering: Vray for Maya

              CLOCKER SQUARE

Group project
Environment by Alexis Jorion and Damien Figueiredo
Lighting by Damien Figueiredo
Shading by Mathis Alexandre 
Compositing by Damien Figueiredo

This is the test project we worked on for our graduation movie "Clocker Square".

I was in charge of the modeling. I mainly did the Big Ben dial which is the main element of the shots.
I tried to push the details to the maximum even if I knew that some of them would not be visible.
It was a kinf of test for me, to see if I was able to do this kind of modeling which has a very organic side. 
I used mainly maya but also zbrush for the gargoyles.
I then added sole details on the buildings, adding ornaments or gargoyles and helping to optimize the scenes.

Software used: Maya, ZBrush


HardSurface Class project
Concept, modelisation, texturing by Nicolas Beyaert, Victor Mezerai, Eloise Boulain and I
Lighting by Eloise Boulain
Compositing by Mathias Fourneret

Aereus is a class project with the four hard surfaces modelers.
Everyone had a part of the ship to model and I was in charge of the front of the ship.
We were organized so that everyone had a certain number of assets to model and then we were able to reuse them on all parts of Aereus.
We mainly did procedural shading because of the size of the ship, and substance painter for the smaller assets, then details were added in compositing.
I was also in charge of the smaller ships called SC-24, carried by Aereus.

Software used: Maya, Substance Painter
Rendering: Vray for Maya

Fx and Composinting by Ricardo Barillas Flores

SC-24 was created for the project Aereus above,
I was in charge from the concept to the lighting.
For the shading I did mostly procedural and substance painter

Software used: Maya, Substance Painter
Rendering: Vray for Maya

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