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Cyberpunk Gas Station

Cyberpunk Gas Station

by Kelly on 18 Apr 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This 3d modeling is for my 3d assigment in my year 2 at The One Academy..My concept comes from Petronas gas station in Malaysia.

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Idea Concept

My concept comes from our Malaysian oil and gas company - Petronas. This is the most common gas station in our country. I designed the elements of cyberpunk in this gas station to give it a sense of technology. Also use purple green pink light to emphasize the cyberpunk feel. I added 25 unique local items that are often seen in our country to make it have the rich flavour of life.

First Sketch

This is my first sketch. At first I wanted to use a gas station to build on top of an apartment. I didn't use this sketch because I thought it was too common and uncharacteristic, so I gave up this sketch.

Final Sketch

For this sketch I used a unique local item that requires my country. I want to combine a sense of technology and a sense of life. Therefore, a two-story gas station was designed, with motorcycles on the ground floor, gas fuel and some garbage in the gas station. Upstairs is a small convenience store and toilets. Then add some traffic obstacles.

My Progress

Questions I have encountered in the process of completing this work.

At first, I was not familiar with blender tools, this was my first experience with blender 3d modeling. During the production process, I found that I didn't have enough concepts about the construction of angles, so I referred to many 3d works and 3d teachings just to make my 3d modeling better.At the same time, I found that I designed the front of the gas station but I didn't care about the back of the gas station, so I added a balcony and a vending machine to the back of the gas station to make my 3d modeling complete.

Gas Station Render Outcome

This is my final outcome.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to my lecturer, Jeremy Yeoh for the advice that made my work even better.

Thanks for watching.

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