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Fetch - Student Animated Short Film

Fetch - Student Animated Short Film

by Fetch on 18 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

We are a team of aspiring animators from 3Dsense Media School who are keen to create interesting and compelling stories to tell the world! For this project, our team have banded our different ideas together and have worked closely together for 6 months to share an original story with everyone!

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Student Animated Short Film -- completed in 6 months

by Christopher Edward Hu, Eric Wong, and Stephanie Chew

Film Synopsis

A stray dog loses his ball to an unexpected visitor. How can he get it back?




Behind the Scenes:

The Team

Stephanie Chew, Christopher Edward Hu, Eric Wong

Full Film

Full Credits:

Directed & Edited By: Christopher Edward Hu, Eric Wong, Stephanie Chew

Produced By: Louis Ng
Assistant Producer: Christopher Edward Hu, Eric Wong, Stephanie Chew

Direction & Animation Supervisor:  Louis Ng, Jacob Gardner

Story Supervisor: Louis Ng
Storyboard Mentor: Jacinth Tan

Story, Screenplay, Layout, Storyboard & 2D Animatics: Christopher Edward Hu, Eric Wong, Stephanie Chew

3D Assets, Modelling & Texturing: Albert Luison
Douglas Rig: Brandon Schaal
Zapp Model & Rig: Emilie Stabell, Elliott Shabas
Rigging: Yash Beri, Stephanie Chew

Previz & Animation: Christopher Edward Hu, Eric Wong, Stephanie Chew
Motion Graphics: Danielle Solina Melianti, Stephanie Chew

Visual Effects: Beacher Chen, Dylan Reuben Ong, Mitch Martinez
Lighting & Compositing Supervisor: Desmond Lin
LookDev & Lighting: Low Xin Yi

LookDev, Lighting, Rendering & Compositing: Christopher Edward Hu, Eric Wong, Stephanie Chew

Music & Sound Design: Ernie Goh
Voice Acting: Christopher Edward Hu
IT Assistance: Jecis Lee
Poster: Jeremy Chern

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