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The Green Goblin

The Green Goblin

mohamed amine mya
by aminemya on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

The Green Goblin One of my favourite Villains which i loved since the 1994 Spiderman animated series. I tried doing my on take on its character design using Zbrush and Blender . I Hope you like it !!!!

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The Green Goblin Fan Re'-design Suit
With all respect to all the awesome artist who worked on the Films where they showed an amazing "GB" I thought the design interms of comics look didn't take its own tribute so, I tried to make one Originally from comics and animations to portray a motional look to it.

I started collecting references from movies and comics also the ones we didn't see on films and tried to work on those visual concepts and make it believable to the eye also keeping the colors and original idea behind the green goblin.

I sculpted the whole Character in zbrush, going from low poly to high poly and refinning the look and details after making the face and the body and did the armor, then I did the retopology in Blender and continued process of baking and Texturing, also doing shaders, materials and the Lighting.
my first priority was to make the Green Goblin original interms of his face and expressions, a combination  between stylized and realism and keeping everything balanced and not screwing the character, which I hope i Did not.
I Hope you enjoy it !!

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