VFX Compositing Demo Reel - Nanami Iino

VFX Compositing Demo Reel - Nanami Iino

Nanami Iino
by nanamii on 28 Apr 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

My ambition is continue to grow my skill as a Compositor and learn from talented artists in the world and also working at world-class studios! In my demo reel, I demonstrate my skill set as VFX Compositor. Thank you for watching!

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Actor Replacement Project

The Actor Replacement shot from Avengers - Age of Ultron -. I replaced myself with actor who grabs Captain America's hand and also lean the shelf which was super challenging to make realistic but excited to work on.


This project was super fun and excited project. I made Jodie Foster from The Mauritanian look about 15 years younger.

Leg Paintout

Multipass Compositing

Wall Replacement

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