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An Animator Begins

An Animator Begins

Javi Planells Crespo
by javiells on 19 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

After finishing my engineering degree, and some years working in the automotive industry, I decided to change my professional way. In this post, I want to share with you my work at Animum Creativity Advanced School did it during my last year.

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The adventure began by learning the basics of body mechanics.

After six months working hard with different characters, I was prepared to show my first animation reel. But keep reading because this is just the begging.

Let's review the work behind this reel.

After some exercises with less complex characters, we did a shot with a full body rigg.

A dunk contest was the perfect exercise for challenging us. Time for Spiderman to show his best moves.

Below you can find the reference for the Spiderman Dunk Shot.

After working hard for learning the concepts of body mechanics. It was time for bringing to life some more complex characters.

They had their own characteristics and using them in favor of the animation would help to create a more verisimilar shot. 

It was the case of Celem, a character with a metal arm and leg. Those characteristics should affect the way he moves. For this reason, I decided to tie a weight to my leg and arm for filming the video references. Furthermore, I wanna show how his robotic arm will help our character to swing on the branches.

Gragar was another character whose design proportions were significantly different from a normal human. For this reason, looking for a proper reference was primordial.

In this case, I worked with two references, one for understanding the physics behind the movement and another one for showing the feeling of my shot.


After all this body mechanic work, I was prepared for my first pantomime exercise.

Let's see how Dami's date goes...

I am very proud of how this plane has evolved.

Creating the difficulties of opening that champagne bottle was not an easy job. This shot teaches me how important is a strong pose for bringing strength to the action.

Finally, I want to share my recently finished work. An acting exercise with dialog.

First time working with lip sync. Keep calm, nothing's gonna harm you...

Helena Bonham Carter, from Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, voices the vampire in the shot.

Special thanks to my tutors Marta Pevida, Roger Gimenez, Jordi Solanes and Sergio LR. It was a complete pleasure to work with their corrections.

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