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The Goblin Sharkman

The Goblin Sharkman

Amber Midgley
by teraphobix on 6 Apr 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

An exploration into the uncanniness of creature design by combining human anatomy with an unusual animal one.

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Human Hybrids: The Goblin Sharkman

In this short sequence of images I have endeavoured into the speculative biology of a human and animal hybrid creature. In my growing knowledge of creature design, I decided to challenge my imagination and my understanding of anatomy to create a believable and uncanny concept: "the Goblin Sharkman". My inspirations resided in the harrowing depths of the ocean where the Goblin Shark dwells and so it became the lucky candidate for my creative explorations. 

I wish to create more unnerving concepts in the future to keep my passion for drawing monsters alive.

Primarily, I established the skulls of my two main organisms: a Goblin Shark and a Human. I combined their unique assets to challenge at what point does a creature become humane.

Next I studied the skeletal system of a Goblin Shark (cartilage bone) and merged it with a human skeleton: changing fins into grasping limbs and elongating the spine into a tail. 

Then I explored the musculoskeletal system of the creature by examining mammalian and fish muscles. Since the Goblin Shark is a slow energy-preserving animal I gave him a lean body to become more swift and efficient at catching prey.

I then studied the slingshot jaws of the Goblin Sharkman to understand how that would affect the facial appearance, such as the gills and cheeks.

In my final design I gave him fleshy, translucent skin to exaggerate his grotesque appearance. For my final composition drawing I did various poses of this creature that best presents his animalistic ferocity.  

I began his final composition in black and white to understand the light values in the scene itself. Then by using different blending modes, I was able to add colour and details to breathe life into his design.

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