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Charles-Antoine Lerein - Character Art

Charles-Antoine Lerein - Character Art

Charles-Antoine Lerein
by CharlesLerein on 4 Apr 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Here is my entry for "The Rookies 2022". These are 3 of the characters I did during last year.

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"Legolas Greenleaf - Concept"

Hi everyone !

Here is my take on Legolas Greenleaf from "The Hobbit" and "the Lord of the Rings" Saga. I choose to make him a bit more "older", inspired by his appearence in "The Hobbit" to better understand the anatomy of the human face.

I wanted to gave him an adventurer and royal elven style so I took many references and influences to make a new "video games friendly" look to Legolas. For exemple, the torso is based on the amazing design of Nina Chernyshenko :

The lower part is inspired by Celebrimbor's armor in the game "Middle Earth : Shadow of War" Pouches and stuff inspired by "the Witcher" from CD Projekt Red, Gauntlets by Sylvanas from "World of Warcraft" by Blizzard and the HD version of her by Velimir Kondic :

Other parts and global appearence of the character is based on the amazing concepts made by Weta Workshop. The colors are based on Tauriel's tunic and legs armor are worn by Thranduil in "The Hobbit" movie:

Thanks to all of the mentors for the knowledge they gave me on this project and help to improve my skills :) 


This is just a simple 3D artwork made during my formation at Artside game art school. It's a fanart of the amazing work by Chris Jones on Instagram.

@chrisjonessuperartist :

Thanks to my Mentors Julien Paris and Camille Delmeule on this project :)

"Royal Soldier Link"

Here is my last character at Artside School: Royal Soldier Link ( Amazing concept by Malin Falch)

It's inspired by the amazing work of

Jordan Knight:

Tom O'Brien:

Christoph (The Stoff) Schoch:

And Obviously Nintendo for the fantastic "Legend of Zelda" Games.

Huge thanks to my mentors at Artside School for all the advices and support during this project and the year !

That's all for this post , thanks for scrolling till the end :) 

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