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Cyrah's Ascent

Cyrah's Ascent

Coffee Break
by CoffeeBreak on 25 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Following the destruction of her village and people by the Laust, Cyrah takes up the mantle of the Ancient Matriarchs to avenge her people. Harness the power of Essence in its multiple forms to scale the mountain and destroy the source corrupting the land in Cyrah’s Ascent.

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Cyrah's Ascent is a third-person combat game with high mobility. Imbued with magical essence, Cyrah must defeat the Laust and avenge her people.

Game Trailer

Cyrah’s Ascent is a 3D ranged action combat game that focuses on giving the player plenty of mobility options and ranged attacks to deal with several different enemies. While containing third-person shooter mechanics, it delivers these through the context of a magical energy rather than traditional ranged weaponry. Players also have access to some other abilities such as a self-heal, a double jump, and a dash. The main character, Cyrah, must utilize these abilities to overcome the chaotic creatures known as the Laust who have destroyed her village. By destroying the source of their power she hopes to restore balance to her world.


Key Art

Character Development




Big Reaper

Environment Development

VFX Development

UI/UX Development

Style Guide


Team Coffee Break

Production Leads

Taylor Guy                         Co-Producer                                                                    Linkedin
Christopher Pang           Co-Producer                                                                    Linkedin
Grant Campbell              Creative Director                                                            Linkedin

Art Team

Ashley Rosenbaum       Art Lead, Animator, Rigger, UI, Concept Artist   Linkedin | Rookies
Katherine Hoppe           Art Producer, Character/Concept Artist                Linkedin | Rookies
Zainab Asgari                  Co-Env. Lead, Texture/Concept Artist                    Linkedin | Rookies
Trevin Dahl                       Co-Env. Lead, Tech Artist                                            Linkedin | Rookies
Christopher Pang          Rigger, Animator                                                             Linkedin
Blake Johnson               Animator, Cinematic Director                                    Linkedin
Josh Bechtol                   Animator, Cinematics                                                   Linkedin
Liz Lee                                Animator                                                                            Linkedin
Hwa Min Jung                Character/Prop/Concept Artist                                 Linkedin | Rookies
Annie Hanson                 VFX Artist                                                                           Linkedin
Anoop Herur-Raman   VFX Artist                                                                            Linkedin | Rookies
Amy Kim                           Marketing Illustration                                                   Linkedin
Kelsey O'Neill                 Concept Artist, Illustrator                                            Linkedin
Casca Socea                    Level/Lighting Artist                                                      Linkedin | Rookies
Corwin Robinson          3D Environment Artist, Modeler                               Linkedin
John Bruzan                   3D Environment Artist, Modeler                               Linkedin
Tammy Nguyen             3D Environment Artist                                                  Linkedin | Rookies
Zoe Davis                         3D Environment Artist                                                   Linkedin | Rookies


Michelle Mayer              Audio Lead, Sound Designer                                      Linkedin


Matt Longcore                Design Lead, Level Designer                                      Linkedin
Anthony Williams         UR/UX Designer                                                               Linkedin
Grant Campbell             System Designer                                                             Linkedin


Bennett Ewanchyna   Tech Lead, VFX/Gameplay Programmer                Linkedin
Amy Stoltz                       Behavior/Gameplay Programmer                            Linkedin
Jason Thiel                     Tools Programmer                                                          Linkedin
Keegan Tompkins        Graphics/Gameplay Programmer                            Linkedin
Taylor Guy                       UI/Graphics/Gameplay Programmer                      Linkedin

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