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The Shape of Things to Come

The Shape of Things to Come

Elias Ander
by askelias on 3 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

My goal is to never stop challenging myself, keep evolving my skills and explore new ways of creating images. This entry is the pinnacle of my first year as a student at YRGO. Seeing what I've managed to accomplish, I look forward to the shape of things to come in the next year.

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Pushing myself further

Having earned a bachelor's degree in Built Environment at Malmö University, I knew that what I really wanted to focus on was image-making. Somehow I managed to squeeze my way into the Architecture Visualisation programme at YRGO, and being nearly 9 months deep now I felt that it's time to get my work out there and see how I stack up against all the amazing upcoming and established artists out there.

CARGO 25, by Gensler

My first large-scale exterior project was supposed to simulate a real-world workplace client setting, with files received from the client of the building, booklets on how signs and materials should behave and regular meetings to ensure the end result was what was promised.

I aimed to create an image with a slightly unconventional, but not unrealistic take,
on the London late night-at-work vibe.

Main render in 7K, to allow for cropping without significant loss in quality. 

Details from render.

Software used: 3ds Max, V-Ray, Photoshop

Villa Hägersten

Distant birch trees just turned yellow in late august, a neat garden perched on top of a small mound. By studying drawings of 'Villa Hagersten' by Trivselhus, the goal was to create an environment in which the house presents itself as something you would want to buy.

The villa was modelled from scratch only with drafts as a reference using Rail Clone and Forest Pack in 3Ds Max and rendered with V-Ray.

Before and after postprocessing in Photoshop from 32bit .exr 

Additional renders showcasing the quality of materials and lighting.

The Apartment

Fictional renovation of an old apartment for sale in Sweden. Project part of my education on YRGO.

Step 1: find an old, crusty apartment for sale
Step 2: perspective match and fix scale on the (very) non-accurate plan
Step 3: bring it back to life, and up to standard!

Software used: 3ds Max, Corona, Photoshop
Some assets were downloaded but all of them re-texturized

Images of the apartment as it is and the reworked plan + cameras.

A Tale of Two Chairs

As a modelling challenge, the project was based on reproducing a designer chair in 3Ds Max with only the basic tools. The focus was solely on creating a 3d model that was modelled correctly and rendered with a production level of detail and quality. Materials, the environment was made entirely from scratch, to match the chair reference as closely as possible.

We were tasked with only one chair, but I could not help myself. Modelling was too much fun. 

#1 The Chevron Armchair by Robin Day

#2 Experimental Lounge Chair by Eames

A few assets surrounding the chairs were downloaded, all textures were modified/changed.

Software used: 3ds Max, Corona, Photoshop

The Icelandic Barn

Architectural visualization can be done with several different approaches to achieve the desired results. Doing a traditional architectural project but with less 3D involved, the image showcases a different workflow and method that's very useful in some instances. My take was an Icelandic barn on top of Skógafoss. Heavily influenced by the renovated farm building by Studio Bua.

Starting with only a simple volume rendered from 3Ds Max, the process of blending and merging assets in Photoshop is key in this workflow. In addition to being a whole different way to create images, it was a short project where we had to go from sketch to final image in less than three days.

Most assets and images were taken by me, some in Iceland, some in Gothenburg.

Bonus: The Movie Festival

The first project at YRGO: create a room based on a movie genre.
Can you guess the genre? 

Software used: 3ds Max, Corona, Photoshop

This is it. You have reached the bottom. First of all, I applaud you that you made it this far. I am grateful that I have gotten this opportunity and that you have taken the time to look at, and hopefully appreciate or even get inspired by my work. Life is a constant challenge, and I am true to my words: 

I will never stop challenging myself, keep evolving my skills and explore new ways of creating images.

Thank you.

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