Uneven Pieces

Uneven Pieces

Julieta Galván
by julietagal on 28 Mar 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Olivia is an old lady who thinks she’s still a little girl. Through some clues she’ll discover her real age and the love of her family.

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Uneven Pieces

Uneven Pieces is a short film that was produced at Vancouver Film School as part of the 3D Animation and Visual Effects program.

It tells the story of Olivia, an old lady who thinks she’s still a little girl until one day she discovers her real age and becomes aware of the love of her family.

The Team

Julieta Galván - Director, Story, Rigging, Animation
Sion Park - Producer, Modeling, Lighting & Compositing
Sasha Zherdeva - Art Director, Rigging, Animation
Donghee Seo - Rigging, Animation
Sara Lee - Modeling
Jiwon Lee - Modeling
Nadia Djunaidi - Animation

From Storyboard to Final Render

Character Design 

by Daniela González

Early Explorations

Concept art by Daniela González & Julieta Galván

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