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Hamish Kentwell - Concept Art

Hamish Kentwell - Concept Art

Hamish Kentwell
by hambone on 15 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi, I've just finished my final year at CDW Studios/Flinders University where I focused on environment and keyframe concepts. I also dabbled in hard-surface design, an area that I am currently trying to develop further.

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Triteia Keyframes: 

The keyframes and accompanying sketches and models below were created as part of my final year at CDW Studios/Flinders University. 
I created a rough outline for the opening episode of a space adventure, sketched out a series of 10 keyframe scenes, and then chose 3 to develop into finished paintings.  

Keyframe 01:

  The Escape
- the crew of the HMS Extravagance flee from enemy gunships.

The 10 keyframe sketches outlining a rough story intro.

HMS Extravagance - the hero spaceship:
The main design challenge here was to create a large-scale (carrier type) ship that has both a flight and landing mode. It launches waves of fighter drones, instead of manned spacecraft.  

Keyframe 02:

Surprise Attack 

- a short while after the HMS Extravagance crash lands on an alien planet.

Keyframe 03:

- Two of the ship's crew surface to find themselves inside a vast geothermal vent.

Crabbing: Fen-Side ~

Mood-shot for a swamp world where mech pilots and giant creatures collide. 

Scavenger Mech ~

A mech design project to improve my concept modelling in Blender (figure sourced from Mixamo).

Spaceship Thumbnails ~

Recent pen-on-paper sketches. 

Codex: Lords of Xibalba ~

Environment design for games: project 01.

La Grieta: Dig Site ~

I created this piece before the "Codex: Lords of Xibalba" concepts. It served as the initial inspiration for the game design project.

Galatea: Siphon Arena ~

Environment design for games: project 02.

Ferrum: Factory Entrance ~

An older project set in a crumbling seaside industrial precinct.

Various Concepts ~

Thanks for viewing my work!

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