HOME - no matter what kind of.

HOME - no matter what kind of.

Max Buscio
by Ollogodollo on 26 Mar 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Everyone schuld have an own space - either IRL or just imagined - where you can retreat yourself from the rest of the world: From stress, from fear or from whatever. For some it is a palace, for some it is a space station, for some it is an underwater cave with a huge window where you can watch a Mosasaurus.

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Its the year 3605: Trees are the new nfts and clone research went completely out of control 500 years ago. Dumb and unnecessary wars destroyed the world as we knew it, but this is centuries ago.

I struggled to find the right perspective. I wanted something kind a dramatic. It is always hard to reduce props and change settings you’ve already made, but I think this is part of process - and how many smart persons said before: Sometimes less is more. 

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