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Thomas Proux - Demo Reel 2022

Thomas Proux - Demo Reel 2022

Thomas Proux
by Thomasprx on 23 Mar 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is the reel with which I graduated from Gnomon, School of Visual Effects. I focused heavily on creating complete scenes that tell unique stories.

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The past year has been incredibly important for me as an artist as I experienced growth like never before and fell in love with Look development, lighting, and compositing.

John The Giant

Concept by Mike Azevedo

When I first saw Mike Azevedo's original artwork on Artstation I knew I wanted to turn it into a 3D piece. Not only it was going to be challenging, but I would be able to learn a ton and expand my experience on characters, environment, and grooming.

This piece was a ton of fun to work on and turned out to be the perfect opportunity to use Redshift and Yeti for the first time.

This piece was a cornerstone in my journey as it came at a moment when I was lacking confidence in my skills. Working on it and getting through its various challenges, not only made me comfortable using ZBrush, but also taught me an advanced use of SpeedTree while solidifying my confidence in my abilities.

This piece was surprisingly fun and challenging to me. I really got to further my experience with Houdini and scripting.

As I was looking to expand on my abilities to create human characters, I came upon Mateusz Lenart's concept. This artwork being absolutely gorgeous, I knew I wanted to make it my next project. While it was one of the most straightforward projects I tackled, it still came with its own challenges.

This piece is particularly dear to my heart. Not only is it my first, and only, "original" scene, but it was an important moment in my growth as an artist as I understood the importance of storytelling in creating compelling pieces.

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