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KUN : A Whale's Voyage  |  VR

KUN : A Whale's Voyage | VR

Leong Zhi Ying
by LeahLeong on 24 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A VR game about Kun, a tiny whale trying to be big again. Now, his journey begins at the Northern Light Train Station.

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鲲  /kūn/



A poem about whales from Zhuang Zhou, Warring State Period, an era in ancient China back in 476 BC.

I was greatly inspired by the poem above, and since I have always been fond of whales, why not make a game about it?

Hence, my ever first VR game was sketched. The process was amusing and my interest in VR grew even more since.


A majestic whale that was once enormous roamed the Earth, Sky, and Sea—traveling from the Northern Water to the South. Its name was Kun. However, disaster stroke, now he was alone and small. In order to travel, he must find a way to be big again.

I fancy the idea of whales roaming in the sky more than the ocean, so that's where Kun would be, up in the clouds. The process would lead the player from the ocean to the sky where the main gaming scene is.


I wanted to create a boundless world in VR. Therefore, airy skies were made, and there's not even a ground.

Best Loved

have a look at my favorite experience in the game walkthrough below.

The Northern Lights

First time using nodes in Unity! Super satisfied with this aurora outcome. It's definitely the main highlight and embellishment of the game.

Kun's Fins Trail

Absolutely love this feature. I was playing around with the particles system and it came out perfect! Every time I wave, I feel like a gymnast waving my ribbon.

Humongous Kun, Tiny Train

I came across a VR game in which you will become a giant and everything around you becomes so tiny. I love the idea so much as the experience really fascinates me. So, here we are, with a purposely lifted off train's top in order to see the details inside.

VR Walkthrough

Thank you.

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