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Asset Artist - Benjamin Makki

Asset Artist - Benjamin Makki

Benjamin Makki
by benjaminmakki on 25 Apr 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Modeling - Texturing - Lookdev | ArtFX 2021 Graduate

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This post summarizes the personal and school projects I worked on between 2021 and 2022.

Spider-Man's Lunch Break

I did all aspects of this project.

The foreground building is a based on a megascan, all other assets are made from scratch.

For the posing I used a quick Mixamo rig and resculpted the pose in Zbrush.

The background is based on a screenshot from the PS5 Spiderman game and reworked in Nuke.

Beauty / Sun / hdri / Rim / Fill

The Burning Life Of Barney - Characters

Overview of all the characters I worked on for my graduation short film "The Burning Life Of Barney" at ArtFX.

I was responsible of the modeling, texturing, and lookdev on all those characters.

GREEN - Lantern bug

On this shot, from the ArtFX graduation short film GREEN, I was responsible of the modeling, texturing, and lookdev of the lantern bug.


On this personal project I was responsible of the character modeling, texturing, lookdev, and part of the blendshapes, and the environment modeling, texturing, and lookdev.

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