Character Portfolio

Character Portfolio

Julien Cossette
by JulienCossette on 24 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I am a self-taught 3D artist, specializing in stylized characters. Here are the characters I did in the last few months.

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Occult Forces -2 , Game-ready, PBR 3d model of a concept by Cherry CHE.

The main goal of this project was to improve my understanding of various materials and stylized clothing. During this project I learned to better optimize the more technical aspects of 3D character creation, like retopology and UV layout. It was an interesting challenge to try and match my rendition as closely as possible to the original concept, which lead me to learn new tools to compare and find the intricate hierarchies of a character. During this project I also elaborated a way to create manually adjustable and exportable outlines in Blender.

Asami - Real Time game character, PBR, concept by Moritz Cremer

The main goal of this project was to explore a sci-fi subject and develop a better workflow for hard surface modeling. Doing this character helped me better integrate everything I had learned doing my last project, be it stylization or technical principles. The most arduous part, but also the most rewarding for me was to design or redesign some of the pieces that were not as clear on the original drawing or didn't really work in 3D like the shoulder guard, the robotic hand and the drones.

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