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The Burning Life of Barney - ArtFX 2021

The Burning Life of Barney - ArtFX 2021

"The Burning Life of Barney" is a joyful short musical directed by Jordan Placé, Thomas Langlois, Samuel Besseau, Benjamin Makki, Maurine Fauvert, Marjorie Sautel, Benjamin Gachot, Noëlina Faury - Specialists : Lola Neuville, Auriane Bertil, Sarah Testardo, Lucas Dziura, Claire Auvin. - Music by Nicky Stone & E'lir.

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Barney, a plastic bag eager to get a new life sets out in pursuit of a recycling truck but the streets of the city are going to be merciless towards him.



Core team

Jordan Placé - Digital Compositor

Thomas Langlois - Modeling / Surfacing

Maurine Fauvert - 3D Animator

Marjorie Sautel - Environment Artist / Lighting

Samuel Besseau - Environment Artist / DMP

Benjamin Makki - Character / Asset Artist

Noëlina Faury - FX TD

Benjamin Gachot - FX TD


Lola Neuville - Concept / 3D Animator

Auriane Bertil - 3D Animator

Sarah Testardo - 2D/3D Animator

Claire Auvin - Rigging Artist

Lucas Dziura - FX TD

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