3D Environment, Props and Materials Art 2021-2022

3D Environment, Props and Materials Art 2021-2022

Matéo Chilla
by mateochilla on 20 Mar 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello ! My entry showcases some environments, props and materials that I've created from 2021 to 2022. I really love creating stylised stuffs and building new worlds, so here is a little share to allow you to take a step in my world !

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Stylized Outpost

This environment was a little challenge to myself before attending to Artside Online School. I had a tight deadline to make everything (around 3-4 weeks not full-time).

It was based on an amazing Concept of Andrey Egorov.

Everything was modeled in Blender, sculpted in ZBrush, textured in Substance Painter/Designer and assembled in Unreal Engine 4. Foliage maps were made in Photoshop.
This was my very first try with Vertex Color and I played a bit more with Virtual Texturing.


Stylized  Blue Swamp

This environment was a little challenge to myself to experiment with lighting and volumetrics. I had the opportunity to create a detailed article on how I managed to create this piece. Check it here !

This one was really interesting, I came across quite a few problems that I gave my best to solve and I learned a lot as always !

Really loved Nicole Segawa's concept and the atmosphere she managed to give in this piece, I hope I did honor to her artwork.
In this concept, I loved the vibrant blue and the atmosphere given by the fog and the little lights on the houses. There is such a mystical and fairy mood that I felt, and I wanted to transcribe it.


Stylized Environment - Buried

This was my first environment on Unreal Engine to get my hands on the software. This is where I realised I loved Unreal and wanted to create more awesome environments.

The environment is based on a concept sample from Jesse Carpenter.

It's where I really started to understand materials, landscape, virtual texturing and how to get a nice stylized feeling on the whole environment. This is also where I began to develop a proper workflow from the creation of the props to the engine implementation. I discovered the lights and my very first VFX.


Stylized Substance Designer Materials

Here are some Stylized Materials I did on Substance Designer for a VR Game that I've developed for a School final year project. The game is called The Lost Wak'a and was made on Unity.

Huge thanks to 3dEx for the massive help and inspiration on the materials thanks to his videos.

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