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Chrono Escape - VR Thesis

Chrono Escape - VR Thesis

Timber Robert
by RuolingXu, TimberRobert, and meganbd on 18 Mar 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Chrono Escape is a VR escape room experience developed over the course of around a year and a half at Ringling College of Art & Design. This experience was created by Timber Robert, Megan Dudley, and Ruoling Xu.

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Environment Screenshots

Includes shots from the main room

VR Interaction Breakdowns

VR Interaction - Chronomancy Magic Mechanic

Created by Timber Robert and Megan Dudley

Chronomancy Blueprint Logic

1.) Checks if an object is capable of being manipulated with Chronomancy.

2.) Detects if the Trigger button is being pressed.

3.) Spawns Chrono Magic and Begins tracking player's hand rotation.

4.) Changes the state of the targeted object.

Chronomancy Magic Circle Material
Created by Timber Robert and Ruoling Xu

VR Interaction - Distance Grab

Created by Timber Robert

Distance Grab Blueprint Logic

1.) Traces a line from the player's palm at a max distance of 2 meters.

2.) Detects if a grabbable object is in range.

3.) If grabbable, the object flies to the player's hand.

VR Interaction - Bracelet Pause Menu

Created by Timber Robert

Pause Menu Blueprint Logic

1.) When the player touches the bracelet on their right wrist for a second, the clock-style Pause Menu spawns.

2.) Utilizes a loading circle icon to measure how long a player is overlapping with a selection.

3.) Moves the clock hands to follow the player's selection.

VR Interaction - Bookshelf Puzzle

Created by Timber Robert, Megan Dudley and Ruoling Xu

Bookshelf Puzzle Blueprint Logic

1.) Snaps the book to the target location.

2.) Checks the tag on the books the player sets on the shelf.

3.) If the tag matches that of the location it is placed in, the book locks in place.

4.) When all books are found and placed correctly, the puzzle is solved and the shelf lowers into the floor.

Solar Book Blueprint Logic and Material
Created by Timber Robert and Ruoling Xu

VR Interaction - Baby Dragon Egg

Created by Timber RobertMegan Dudley and Ruoling Xu

Baby Dragon Egg Blueprint Logic

1.) If an object with a "meat" tag is placed in the mouth, the Baby Dragon consumes it and burps a fireball.

Blue Fireball VFX
Created by Ruoling Xu

VR Interaction - Desk Drawers

Created by Timber Robert

Drawer Blueprint Logic

1.) Begins tracking the position once the player grabs the handle.

2.) Projects the position of the player's hand onto a clamped vector that the drawer is locked on.

3.) Plays one of two audio cues based on the direction it is pulled.

Void Drawer Blueprint Logic

1.) Detects the tags of objects that overlap the void.

2-1.) If tag is a type of food, the object is destroyed and triggers a demanding text void response.

2-2.) If tag is a non-food type, the object is impulsed out of the drawer and triggers a rejecting text response.

2-3.) If the tag is the "Fruit", which is a key item, it destroys the object, triggers a tankful text response, and summons a unicorn horn.

Void Material
Created by Timber Robert

VR Interaction - Cauldron and Potion

Created by Timber Robert, Megan Dudley and Ruoling Xu

Cauldron Blueprint Logic

1.) When the lid is removed, the smoke particles are triggered.

2.) When the unicorn horn is dropped into the cauldron, the material shifts to show visual change.

3.) After being prepared, the potion bottle can be "filled" by dipping it in.

4.) Drinking the potion bottle changes the material of the object and solves the puzzle.

Cauldron Potion Material
Created by Timber Robert and Ruoling Xu

VR Interaction - Exit Door

Created by Timber Robert and Megan Dudley

Exit Door Blueprint Logic

1.) Upon discovering and destroying a rune, the corresponding rune dissolves.

2.) The corresponding lock mechanism is released.

3.) When all four runes are found, the door opens.

4.) When the player teleports through the portal, their vision fades to black and returns them to the main menu.

Exit Portal Material
Created by Timber Robert

VFX and Asset Creation Breakdowns

Architecture Modkit
Created by Megan Dudley

Fireplace VFX and Model
Created by Ruoling Xu

Plant Growth Animation VFX/Model/Material
Created by Ruoling Xu
programming aid from Timber Robert

Flat Stone Brick
Created by Megan Dudley

Old Stone Bricks
Created by Megan Dudley

Worn Wood Planks
Created by Timber Robert

Custom VR Gloved Hands
Created by Timber Robert

Stone Gargoyle
Created by Ruoling Xu

Skull Asset
Created by Megan Dudley

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