The Singing Shadows

The Singing Shadows

"The Singing Shadows" is our graduation short movie at ESMA Lyon. Directed by Louna Piette, Srushti Kakade, Myrtil Lapierre, Manon Clerc, Marine Guarnaccia, Astride Lalouette and Virginie Pellet.

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Wachiwi and her little brother Peopeo live alone inside a fenced garden. While Peopeo dreams of novelty, Wachiwi sets the limits that should protect them from danger.

                                               - Teaser -

                                                - Poster -

                                             - Full movie -

                          - Breakdowns and concepts -

                    - Behind the scenes and making of -

                                            - Meet the team! -

Srushti Kakade : Visual development, character design, character modeling, sculpt, animation, CFX

Astride Lalouette : Animation, CFX, modeling, editing, 3D animatic, layout

Marine Guarnaccia : Visual development, modeling, sculpt, surfacing, lookdev, lighting, rendering, compositing

Myrtil Lapierre : Modeling, sulpt, surfacing, lookdev, lighting, layout, set dressing, rendering, compositing

Manon Clerc :  Character design, sculpt, modeling, lighting, lookdev, surfacing, groom, animation

Louna Piette : Modeling, surfacing, sculpt, lookdev, rendering, lighting, layout compositing

Virginie Pellet : Rigging,  character topology, animation, CFX, pipeline, tool development, production management, storyboard, editing, visual development, animatic 2D

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