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Ragnar the Dragon Slayer

Ragnar the Dragon Slayer

Blessica Lim
by blessica on 18 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi-res 3D Character Model completed in the 6-month Advanced Diploma in 3D Modeling at 3dsense Media School

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Ragnar, the Dragon Slayer

"Back when dragons still roam the earth, only the strongest, bravest and fiercest of warriors would face them in battle. Those who successfully defeated one dragon were deemed legendary. Behold, Ragnar the dragon slayer."
Having so much fun with this piece!
This is one of my school projects in 3dsense Media School Singapore.
I decided to model a strong male character this time to strengthen my understanding of male anatomy and to challenge myself to create something different. I learned a lot from making this piece! 

3D Model


Work in Process

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