Indie Game Development Showcase 2022 - Sam Claydon

Indie Game Development Showcase 2022 - Sam Claydon

Sam Claydon
by SamClaydon on 4 Apr 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hey there, welcome to my portfolio showcase of my solo and group Game Development from 2022 so far. All three games were created in Unity.

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Snow way back

“Welcome! I will be solo developing an open world Indie Game set in a modern day Ice Age. The game is called ‘Snow way back’ and will follow the story of an expedition team of two that go out and try to find a new settlement for their family and friends back at their camp. The game will have a striking colour palette that will partner with the voxel and pixel art.” - an intro to Snow way back from my development blog:

This project is still in development and I will be continuing to work on it throughout the year and posting my work onto this site and Youtube.

Repeater Roulette

“We are a team of 15 3rd year uni students currently working on “Repeater Roulette” a roguelike FPS shooter” -

Having 8 artists on our team, I have been working on many forms of art such as Lighting, Trailers, VFX and Art Passes on the randomly generated rooms for our game. Here are a few scenes I have been working on:

My team members created the 3D art for all of the scenes from the pictures below. I worked on bringing those assets into the blockout scenes and focused on the lighting.

Timothy Tinyhat

“I want to indirectly tell the story of a person going through a burnout. I want the player to go through that experience playing from the perspective of a cartoon doodle. I don’t want to dwell on the hardships of burn out, instead I want to highlight the importance of not over working yourself and keeping healthy.” - an intro to Timothy Tinyhat from my development blog:

Timothy Tinyhat was my first ever release as an Indie Game developer and it was created by myself for my University work. I am happy with how it turned out as it managed to get the Editor’s Award on this website back in November 2021.

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