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3D Models

3D Models

Anouk Regensburg
by anouk on 11 Mar 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

My collection of models I've created over the past couple of years, all personal projects and most of them are part of a discontinued Unity project. They are as detailed as possible (for 3D printing purposes) since that's what I love doing most.

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Pennywise's Wagon

The Pennywise wagon from the new adaptation of the IT (2017) movie. I tried to make it as accurate as possible although it’s still missing some key details and textures. Hopefully I can add the curtains, ropes and tiny lantern later once I have the knowledge how to create them. Thanks to my friends Alien-Rat and  Andromeda Dualitas for providing artworks.

The model has been used as a prop in a fan-made concept for an IT chapter in Dead By Daylights. Time stamps of appearance:

 0:49 - 0:58 - 4:25 - 4:55

Work in progress screenshots and reference photos of the original wagon, a big thank you to Claude Paré (production designer) for sharing them with me.

A test in a Unity environment.

Pennywise's Chest

Pennywise’s chest was used for one scene in the 2017 movie but ended up in a deleted scene and was displayed at a horror exposition.

(The photos inside the chest are edits made by me and not canon in any way, as well as their descriptions.)

Reference photos of the original chest from the movie.

Neibolt House

One of the main windows from my (work in progress) Neibolt house model.

Work in progress screenshots and lighting tests.

Georgie's Walkie Talkie

Georgie Denbrough’s walkie talkie used in the new adaptation of IT (2017). It was only shown very briefly in the movie but ended up in a deleted scene and was displayed at a horror exposition.

Originally it is a G.I. JOE walkie talkie model, produced by Nasta in 1982.

Reference photos of the original walkie talkie from the movie.

Arcade Cabinets

A few designs for arcade cabinets based on the models from the game Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach. These models were downloaded, I only did the texturing part. Thanks to my friends Lady Math and Marieevie for providing the artworks. Title designs made by me.

Festival of Freaks Entrance

The entrance of the Festival of Freaks area at theme park Walibi Holland during Halloween Fright Nights. Original design by Tim Beeren.

Concept art and reference photos of the original entrance.

Lighting tests and Photoshop composition.

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