Junior Compositing

Junior Compositing

Callum Reynolds
by callumr on 11 Mar 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A collection of my compositing work over the past year.

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Heavy Red Burn Heal Composite

Composited using Nuke and NukeX, taking advantage of Smart Vectors to match move actors clean forehead with the prosthetic make-up. Effect created with procedural use in mind so the setup can be used elswhere with a less hassle set-up.

Netflix and Skill Challenge

This composite was made for entry in the Rookies 'Netflix and Skill' Challenge in which featured as a Finalist. 


Compositing Reel

This reel features work from the past few years, including work on short films and personal projects.

Heavy Red (2021-2022), Hood (2019-20)

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