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 Game Art Showcase

Game Art Showcase

Oana Pascari
by oanapascari on 29 Apr 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi! My name is Oana Pascari and I am a second year Game Art student from Falmouth University. Here are some of the projects that I've been working on this year.

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 The Raven Hotel- Altered Carbon

In this project, I chose to recreate a scene from a series that I really enjoy, the Raven Hotel lobby from the Altered Carbon and turn it into a real-time game ready environment. The Raven Hotel is run by Poe, an Artificial Intelligence, patterned after the famous writer Edgar Allan Poe.

I am looking to get the architectural structure and assets across the room as close as I can to the original but I want to transform the light into a warm, bright, sunset light to make the room feel more cosy.The complexity of the architecture/layout and also the mood of the scene atrracted me a lot and I knew it was going to be a challenge. I loved the Victorian and vintage influence of the scene.

Everything from production (ex. assets, textures, etc.) was created by me.

                                                             4K Cinematic in Unreal Engine

                                                                          Scene Shots

                                                 Pre Production

I started by gathering references for my scene by taking screenshots from the series and also looking a bit into what kind of textures I need to create. The main software I use for reference boards or any other kind of boards really, is PureRef. 

In these screenshots of my project board you can find the direct reference from the series, along with texture reference, more real-world references for some objects that were less visible and also a planning board for organizing what I have to model, best said, a list of modular pieces that were identified across the scene. 

If you are interested in checking my full development blog, you can find it here:



At this stage I started the block-out refinement by finishing the architectural structure

                          AO- Wireframe renders along with UV checker for the final scene

                                                                         Unreal Engine

This is my early stage Unreal Engine scene. No light bake yet and only the basic lights in the scene, a sky dome and a directional light along with some light bulbs.

 This is the scene after the materials were applied.  At the moment no complex light and no bake.

                                                                          Modular Kit

                                                                        Textures and custom prints

                  The Tostador Flamethrower- Far Cry 6

Here is a game ready recreation of the Tostador flamethrower from the FarCry 6 game. I made this in order to elevate my hard surface modelling and texturing skills. I wanted this to have a final look as close as possible to a AAA asset.

Everything in this project is created by me.

                                     Marmoset 4 Turntable 

                                                 Beauty shots

                                         Wireframe Turntable


Feudal Japan: The Shogunate Yokai

Even if I mostly create props and environments, I enjoy organic sculpting too. This is the latest character I worked on. In this project, I turned a 2D concept in a semi-realistic real-time, game-ready character. Here is a full breakdown of the production pipeline.

Everything in this project, from base mesh to textures, rig, etc. is created by me.

Concept art by:

                                                                  Marmoset 4 Turntable

                                                        Marmoset 4 Wireframe Turntable

                                                                            Beauty Shots


                                            Sculpt, Bake, Texture breakdown, Wireframe, UVs layout

                                                  Floor  asset

Software used:

Autodesk Maya


Substance Painter


Marmoset 4

Unreal Engine

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