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Game Animation

Game Animation

Cheuk Hinyi (Quinnie)
by quinniecheuk on 18 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is a compilation of some of my animation works that I've done. I will be showing my animation reel and breakdowns for my best works. Please feel free to check them out!

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Animation Reel

Animation Breakdowns

Leopard Jump

This animation is done as part of my group assignment for a game. I animated this leopard jump with the reference from different cat jump video and some close observation with my own cat. This is a challenging animation as this is my first time to do creature animation, which is a fun and interesting experience.

Guided by Azarudeen Shanavas
Rig used: Leopard Maya Rig by Truong CG Artist

Lip Sync

This animation is my assignment. The original audio is from The Office, Learn Your Rules by the character Dwight. The biggest challenge for this animation is to animate two character interact.

Guided by Azarudeen Shanavas
Rig used: Malcolm Rig by AnimSchool, Yu Lon Character Rig by CGTarian

Kaju Combo

This animation is a personal practice. I did this extra practice while I was learning to animate combo attack from game animation. 

Guided by Azarudeen Shanavas
Rig used: Kaju rig by

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