Do Not Play With Egg

Do Not Play With Egg

Fu Jing Hee
by SamuelFu on 9 Mar 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

When you're living in a futuristic world, ever wonder the possibility that you might not be a human ? Here's a VFX short created using Environment Matchmove and Object Matchmove to build a cyberpunk world.

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This is a Matchmove Project I worked on. So during lockdown, I was being quarantined in my rented room and just looking at the boring old 4 pieces of walls everyday. It really sucks when you can't go anywhere, so this idea pop up, I thought why not I transform my whole boring apartment unit into something cool, like a cyberpunk world sort of thing. It was this idea that sparks me into doing this VFX work. I present you the "Egg-Minator" ! Enjoy~ 

Yes, so remember kids: Do not play with Egg. Initially was to just transform the whole place into something else, but then I also thought it would be cool to include this little story plot into it. So there we have a main character doing stuff. It even makes it more challenging to work on if there's a character in it.

I wanna start off my video in a Cool One Shot scene, because I think the outcome of it will be very stunning if I can pull it off. I wanna make it visually filled with all the cyberpunk stuff and all the details that audience might even missed, for example the "Gordon Ramsay Egg Tutorial" video. Even though it's just for a few seconds, but it satisfies me.  

This One Shot goes from an outdoor scene to an indoor scene, so it's really challenging to find assets that can go from indoor to outdoor yet stays in a consistent style and look. I managed to built a cyberpunk city with many different assets. I also have to animate some vehicle movement to add life to the city. The led display really do adds in that juicy look. At the end, I added an overall of atmospheric fog look. 

The one shot eventually goes into an indoor scene. And this scene is where I have to deal with a human character. Which is really difficult since there's no greenscreen to key out myself, plus even if there's a greenscreen it wouldn't fit this small kitchen, and it might cause problem for tracking. So the only way is to rotoscope myself out. It really is a pain in the ass. But when I really did it at the end, it felt great and achieved to see this scene happen. 

After the One Shot sequence, there's the Terminator Reveal Shot. In order to make it more realistic, I added practical blood FX on to my face. And then I'll add in a CG terminator face asset. The challenging thing in this shot is to match the lighting and color as close as possible. The raw footage is a bit grainy and it's hard to determine how saturated or how faded the CG object has to be especially the CG blood.

Some of the difficult part is picking which assets to use and how should I place them in a way where it can create a good composition and it's comfortable for the eyes of the audience. There's really not much choice of cyberpunk assets out there, so some I need to manually customize myself. Since cyberpunk stuff can be really creative when it comes to their look, so I can creatively blend two different assets together, or even transform one into another.

Overall, it's a fun project, I learnt new things throughout the process. And I quite enjoy the outcome of it. I hope you do enjoy my piece of work. Thank You for Watching !

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