Louis-Dior Jin - Concept Art & Illustration 2022

Louis-Dior Jin - Concept Art & Illustration 2022

Louis-Dior JIN
by Logy on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hey! I finally decided to take part in this competition :) Here are a few of the work I did between 2021 and 2022.

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A project I did for the last Artstation challenge: Untamed! It was done in conjunction with my studies so it got pretty intense, but I really enjoyed conceptualizing the animals and working on this project anyway!

My goal was to create a universe where the earth withers and the animals had to evolve for survival.

Each creature is designed from an animal and purpose into their new society.

Yaoguai (the equivalent of yokai in Japan or yogwi in Korea) is a Chinese term that can be translated as "demon" and refers to demons who have acquired their powers through the practice of Taoism.

I imagined an empress who would rule over the Yaoguai. Traveling from town to town, she would gather the lost Yaoguai and show them a path to follow.

Here is my part of a Saint Seiya fan reboot project I did with Myriam Vermote!

I designed the antagonists of our project.

She represents the moon goddess Chang'e, who defied laws and morals by sending her knights to seek out the beings of the lower realms and absorb their vital energy.

Here is the second character I designed.

His armor represents the moon rabbit who keeps Chang’e company on the moon.

He was once under the command of Vaisravana, one of the Four Heavenly Kings. But Chang’e brought him back from the dead to serve under her command, and achieve her goal

Some FX exploration

Some ships explorations!

I wanted to create ships for a nomadic population inspired by the WW1 helmets. 

A mecha yokozuna I worked on during Alex Accorsi's course.

Here is an environment design I made during Florian Coudray's class.

The journey of a soldier uncovering the creation and the fall of a city.

A war deserter hid in an old city, only to be chased by mutants who survived here for decades after the city collapsed.

Character Design

Rena is part of the Chinese Nián Shòu Rollers team. Each gang expands its territory by challenging the local squad in races where anything is permitted.

Thanks for your attention! :)

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