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Joker (Arthur Fleck) / Joaquin Phoenix [Real-time Character Render]

Joker (Arthur Fleck) / Joaquin Phoenix [Real-time Character Render]

Siew Jia Huey
by mhanamerex on 14 Mar 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Here's my first full character model I did during a few semester ago's advanced modeling class, going in depth with different softwares and rendered real-time with Marmoset. Had a lot of fun learning the workflow and techniques of more technical side of modeling.

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Final Renders and wireframe views of the model

Full body turntable and render (With ZBrush Sculpt)

Closeup detail renders of the body (With hand ZBrush sculpt)

The Process of the sculpt over the entire semester

Look Dev of the eyeball

Xgen and Marvelous Designer Process 

Test Renders to Final Render process

Alright that's pretty much all, Thanks for looking through my work! This project was an absolute blast to do and hoping to do a lot more in the future.

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