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sculpting, texturing, look dev, lighting demo reel

sculpting, texturing, look dev, lighting demo reel

Leonie Etschel
by leonieetschel on 13 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

All the projects I created for my demo reel in my 15 months training at Pixl Visn Media Arts Academy.

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Creature Project 

Had a lot of fun sculpting, texturing and lighting this one. Entirely 3D, responsible for all aspects.

To get a realistic feeling of the skin and eyes I used texturing xyz maps. It was also my first time grooming body hair using XGen. Texturing was mainly done in Mari with a little bit of Substance Painter, composited in Nuke.

Lizard Project

My second project is a frilled lizard, which was also a lot of fun to create. Special thanks to Hakan Abel (Animation) and Rebecca Brochhagen (Rigging). 

Texturing this little guy was a challenge, but in the end I managed to get his scales and the wear and tear in general how I wanted it to be. It was my first time using Mari for texturing an organic project, also with the help of texturing xyz maps. Additionally I used Substance and Photoshop. Compositing was done in Nuke.

Still Life Project

Entirely 3D, responsible for all aspects.

My goal for this project was to show the passage of time with my lighting. So it changes from a sunny midday to evening/nighttime with more artificial lighting. Texturing was done in Mari and compositing in Nuke.

Cartoony Head Project

Sculpt of a guy integrated in my own footage, responsible for all aspects.

The last project I created for my demo is a cartoony sculpt which I integrated into my footage using Nuke for Tracking and CG integration. Texturing was done in Mari, sculpting in ZBrush.

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