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First Snow
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First Snow

Winter, contrary to it's nature, has a warm place in my heart, which is why I want to share with you my version of the essence of winter. The essence of winter, can for me be summed up quite quickly. it's the first few snowflakes of the year, marking both the end of one season, and the beginning of a new.

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Update - 23 Jan 2022



The idea of this project, is to build a modern house that revolves around a courtyard thats placed in it's center. the courtyard will also be the main focus of the rendering.

In this courtyard i plan to have the physical representation of the first snow of the year happen.

The idea behind this concept, is to utilise the contrast of winter. Winter is a season where the world becomes colder and darker, yet inside people's homes tend to be warmer and cozier than ever.
By having the setup as explained i have both the inside and outside represented in my picture, allowing me to use both cold and warm temperatures in the picture, and most importantly having both of the temperatures be central in the rendering.

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