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Winter Waiting
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Winter Waiting

A child stands patiently in front of the television waiting to find out if today is a SNOW DAY. (Note: I did not create the models used in my scene. They were acquired by purchase from Unreal Marketplace and CG Trader. I did modify, blend, & create many materials and textures. )

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Update - 26 Feb 2022

From Dusk til Dusker

I set out to use this as an opportunity to learn some new skills in lighting. I thought it might be interesting to tell a story in a single frame, motivated by the theme of Winter Stories, I based this loosely on my childhood experience but hoped that it might resonate with anyone that grew up where a nice snow fall might offer them a day of solace from school. 

This is my first scene rendered outside of a tutorial or course. Thanks for the challenge and opportunity!

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Update - 26 Feb 2022

Probably my Final Renders

Update - 25 Feb 2022

After struggling with getting good bounce lighting, I rebuilt everything in an older version of Unreal. 

Update - 23 Feb 2022

Update - 21 Feb 2022

Update - 21 Feb 2022

Update - 20 Feb 2022

Continuing to make progress as I try to understand the best rendering options in Unreal Engine.

Update - 16 Feb 2022

Blocking out my scene in Unreal Engine.

Update - 14 Feb 2022

Update - 20 Jan 2022

I started with a crudely drawn sketch and then created a photo collage mockup.