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Fish Cubes
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Fish Cubes

This is my recreation of the stories my Mother has told me about my Great-Grandmother Ice fishing in Wisconsin.

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Update - 25 Feb 2022

This Is My Final.

A lot has changed. It didn't end up as I imagined,  but I like it better this way. 

The Day shows the deception of Winter. The clear air fools you to think it's not cold outside even though everything is covered in snow! But it's so clean.

The night shows how dark a winters night can get, while the water with the fishing line slowly ices back up the fire invites you in.

I Created my own Static Mesh for the tree. I used a prop called Snow_Pile from Quixel, made it miniature and added a bunch of those props to the Pine tree Mesh. Then I made it one whole Static mesh that was easy to duplicate.  I'm happy with the night scene. I couldn't use my character. When I added my grandma to the scene it didn't look right. But she is in the tent. Once the environment was built the night scene only took a couple hours to create. Compared to how long it took me to make the entire environment a few hours was nothing. I am happy to say I have learned a lot and the Learning section for Unreal by Epic Games was so helpful. My appreciation for lighting designers has grown. Thank you for this contest. It inspires me to keep learning and trying. 

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Update - 9 Feb 2022

Going with a lighter scene. Trying to create the right environment to build the lighting. I decided to put grandma in the tent and have a soft yellow glow in the tent. I added atmospheric fog. I'm thinking of adding a haze in the background.  Everything feels small, I might increase the mountain size. Believe it or not people actually camp on the ice when ice fishing, sometimes. Suggestions? 

Update - 5 Feb 2022

I first thought of making a Sunrise scene. But as I played around with the lighting, I didn’t like the way the shadows were casting. So I tried a mid day scene and preferred it over the sunrise. My challenge now is finding appropriate props to fill the background. In the foreground I have my great grandmas back facing the Camera. I had a difficult time creating a fishing pole but I found a favorite ice fishing technique as an alternative to the pole called a sounder. 

Update - 21 Jan 2022

I wanted to create my Great-grandma myself. So I used Autodesk Character Generator and created her there, which was so easy and saved me the time of rigging. But I needed to Control her in Unreal, that's why I created a control rig. Which makes it easy to edit poses quickly using Sequencer. I ended up hand creating 19 Controllers! Super fun to do, lots of helpful tutorials out there. 

Update - 17 Jan 2022